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  • Ganeshatoken GNSH come forth to find partnerships.

    Ganeshatoken seeks investors and partnerships. They make game concept design and develop games within other things. Ganeshatoken actively started to seek partnership with his project GANESHA www.ganeshatoken.com - It makes a bit hype for both parties.

    Project has really awsome vibes. Ideas for partnership are many. One way is making anime of different characters if you have proper project, but they also sell smart contracts on upcoming marketplace with connected GNSH and building ganeshaswap for swapping partner tokens. You can soon buy GNSH on Uniswap etc.

    They also selling nft collectibles, making games and marketing other projects, so each update they can announce it in blog, let the word out, hype the network of friends and partnerships.

    They have recieved letters from other token owners too, but accept other tokens if they are in fit with their vibes and understanding.

    If you like this idea of partnership, please be kind and say it. In the same time Ganesha has done so much within a week, so theres so much heat going on, that would be great for sure if we let the community thrive. Very early phases.

    They will soon announce ganesha project on public and start recieving more community members.

    First they search private investor holders and then they seek partnerships so if they go public, they can announce the partnerships and talk about their projects. Good for both parties. They have planned some GNSH half-kinda-burn events. So they send GNSH tokens to Vitali, thats pretty safu.

    Good hype bothways. Vitali is nice guy. Like Keanu almost. This is Not pronounced public yet, soon to be. Use the main e-mail for private investor offers, be prepared to lock the tokens. Ganesha do not seek dumpers i know. Good luck. Whitelist accepted, private investor sale coming within a week or two i heard. Uniswap, Mercatox, 1inch Exchanges are the first ones. Then community votelist power announced which they use for votepower for their projects like videogame concepts, nft items, smart contract marketships, anime etc.

    E-mail is info@ganeshatoken.com

    website - ganeshatoken.com


No announcement yet.

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