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  • How to Choose a Competent Forex Broker

    Foreign exchange market is the hugest in the world in terms of daily turnover and liquidity. Being an aggregate of exchange operations around the world it is free of any control and works 24/5. It is a great place for everybody who wants to fulfill themselves as independent financial trader, making money from their laptop with a few mouse clicks. With the advent of retail brokers in the Internet, trading Forex became easy as ABC. All you need is a laptop, fast internet connection, spare time, and some money to start off. There is still some risk to come up against scam broker or market maker so before

    1.Check if your broker is regulated. Every trustworthy broker must be regulated by financial commission in the country where it is registered. It ensures that your broker services comply with state financial policies and guidelines. For example if your broker is based in Mauritius, its services should be regulated by FSC .

    2.Check if your funds are segregated. Segregated funds means that their safety is at top priority and fully guaranteed and under no circumstances can it be used apart from personal trading purposes. It’d be better if your funds are administered by independent company.

    3.Check your broker legal documentation. Before creating an account with any broker check it out for documents regulating relationship between you and broker. Read very carefully their Terms and Conditions. All should be clear and understandable.

    4.Check if your broker has any awards. Of course, it is indirect criteria, but sometimes it may help you to make the right choice. You have to clearly understand what means this award and what it signifies to broker performance. Being able to discern, for example, “Best broker in 2014” or “Award for helping to struggle with cance .

    5.Check how your broker “looks” online. One of the quickest ways to take a print how good your broker is doing online is to check independent review websites, where you will know all ins and outs of your broker.

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