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  • Attractive Features of the Forex Market

    As the foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market, it offers unmatched advantages to the prospective investors. Because of its leverage and superior liquidity, the FX market or the forex market is regarded as the best means of financial investment that you can find. The forex market has exceptional characteristics that make it an excellent financial market. Some of them are discussed below by easy markets:

    Equal trading opportunities
    In the forex market, there are equal trading opportunities, even for the beginners. A large amount of currencies are traded everyday in this market. The figure is unbelievable. There are no possible figures that are big enough that can influence the market. No government or individual has the power to influence the market. Here comes the concept of even playing field, which means, each trader has the same trading opportunities.

    Less handling fees
    While taking part in the forex market, you have to pay a fee to the forex broker, which is known as transaction fee. The transaction fees of different brokers are different, but there are a lot of companies that do not take any transaction fees at all. If you require to pay a fee, that is generally between 3 and 5 yen per 1 dollar. Forex transaction fees are definitely cheaper if you compare it with foreign exchange deposit of 2.5%.

    Fast reversals
    Apart from the forex market, there are many other markets such as real estate market, commodity market and stock market. The time frame in each market as to when the prices will change, also varies. Some have short-term time frames, while others have long-term time frames. In the real estate market, it may take 10 to 30 years for the prices to reverse. Compared to this, in the forex market, reversal can happen in a day time frame, 1 to 3 week time frame, monthly or maybe even a yearly or decade’s time frame.

    Small capital but big profits
    One of the biggest attractions of forex is the effect of leverage that allows you to magnify your profits. You can trade in the forex market even with a small amount of capital in your account. But in order to make huge profits you have to be very careful while making a move, as it will determine whether you lose or win. Despite this, low transaction costs are surely an advantage in the forex market.

    24 hour trading
    As the forex market is open 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, you get the ability to trade anytime in the forex, whenever you want. This is a huge advantage as you can trade according to your free time.

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    I like the 24 hour trading feature and the small capital helps those prudent traders to start trading forex.


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      Have you ever traded with this broker? How was the profit?


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        Forex or Binary, both industry have lots of features and benefits as online trading opportunity for all. I never thought this industry would be my career and Earning source. Now, I'm happy to be a online Trader and my Family depends on it.



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