Trusted Brokers

Having a hard time determining if a certain broker is legit? Choosing a trusted platform can be a daunting task especially for those who are still new to binary options trading. Below are some of the parameters that we recommend for you to consider in determining the reliability of a binary options broker:

Customer Service


Customer support and assistance is one essential factor that must be looked upon when evaluating a broker. Various methods of communication should be available and if it is provided then trying to contact them is highly advised to verify if the information that they provide is indeed true or a hoax.

Majority of the users in this forum voted 24option as one of the best brokers in terms of customer service. Based on their comments, it is the round-the-clock support and friendly account managers that make them the finest in this category.

Platform Design


You can easily tell if a broker is trusted or not with the quality of its web interface. Testing the quality of the platform’s services is essential in determining if the brand can be trusted. It should be responsive and quick in executing trades.

HighLow was chosen by majority of our forum members as the best in the software design category. Among its notable features are the well-organized layout and the fast response rate of their platform.



Trusting your investments with a regulated broker is good as it guarantees the safety of your account and your personal details. However it is also important to take note that even some of the most trusted brands today are either in the process of being regulated.

24option earned the best comments when our forum users talk about regulation. This is because they adhere to strict guidelines and are always in compliance with relevant financial regulators.

Payout Rates


Various brands offer competitive payout rates in the market today. The most acceptable rate is at least 70 percent and if it goes higher, then it would be better. It is also important to know if they also offer payouts for trades that go out of the money and this could go as high as 15 percent.

In this category, HighLow is the top choice of binary options traders.

Trading Instruments


The standard trading instrument that is supported by most platforms is the High/Low or Call/Put options but aside from this method, there are also other ways for you to trade and these variations will give you more opportunities for implementing a good strategy and convert them into better yields.

Based on the majority of the discussions in our forums, HighLow provides the best variety of trading instruments.

Real-Time Quotes


Just because your broker provides real-time quotes doesn’t mean that it can already be trusted. Make sure that you compare the financial data that is provided to you with the data coming from trusted financial sites to verify is authenticity.

FiNMAX has been highly regarded by the users in our forum as one of the top brokers that provide accurate quotes. That means you’ll get to see real-time market prices on their platform and not numbers that are delayed or rigged.

Tradable Assets


The wider the list of assets on offer, the better. This is gives you more opportunities to exercise your trading abilities but make sure however that you are looking at a good set of stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs.

Majority of traders in our forum chose Binarycent in this category as it provides a wide range of assets which includes all the major categories like currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.

Withdrawal Processing Time


Testing out the supported withdrawal methods is one of the best ways to test a broker’s reliability. Try depositing a small amount and if your withdrawals are processed then than that’s a good indication that the brand can be trusted.

A number of users in the forum chose Finrally as the fastest broker in processing withdrawal requests. They are able accomplish it in a matter of 1 hour which is way better than what most brokers can do.

Trading Tools


Trading Tools

It is wise to check if the platform offers binary options trading tools such as e-books, videos and even seminars. The more they want you to learn, the more they can be trusted.

24option has been highly regarded by many traders due to their numerous useful tools for trading.

Terms and Conditions


Simply browsing the terms and conditions page will give you a good suggestion whether or not the broker is worth signing up for. Prior to registering and depositing an amount, make sure that you thoroughly understand all the information that is presented in this section.

Among all the brokers, most traders find FiNMAX to have the clearest terms and conditions.

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