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    InstaForex has held a true celebration of https://ifxpr.com/3kF91OY]beauty and grace[/url] - the Miss InstaForex 2021 contest. Let us have a look at our charming winners!

    https://ifxpr.com/3ya2408]Olga Droga[/URL] from Ukraine took 1st place and won $20,000. For Olga, family values are the most important thing. She loves spending time with her family and traveling.


    https://ifxpr.com/37eymft]Galina Tarasenko[/URL] from Russia finished 2nd and received a $10,000 prize. Galina is an activist involved in charity and community projects.


    The 3rd place and a $5,000 prize go to https://ifxpr.com/3kFR4Qc]Yulia Gorkavenko[/url] from Ukraine. Her hobbies are not just limited to stereotypical girly activities - Yulia enjoys hunting and fishing.


    https://ifxpr.com/3jvPxL7]Alexandra Moiseyeva[/url] won the special «Insta Choice» nomination, as well as a $5,000 prize. Alexandra has been living in China for 5 years - she is a model, blogger, and teacher.


    https://ifxpr.com/3FcLaQ0]Tatyana Kortusova[/url] from Russia turned out to be the best in the «Forex Lady» category, earning her $5,000. Tatyana works as a nurse - she strives to find harmony with herself and the world around her.


    The awards ceremony was held online. The individual photoshoot organized by InstaForex created a festive atmosphere for all winners.

    Miss InstaForex is an online beauty contest that has no boundaries. Every participant can win in our fair and objective competition.

    Miss InstaForex 2022 has already begun - we invite our beauties to https://ifxpr.com/2NpFefU]join[/url] the new contest! Miss InstaForex's terms and conditions can be found https://ifxpr.com/2V4gNZp]here.[/url]

    Don't miss the chance to join the contest! Applications can be sent until September 1, 2022.

    Read more at https://ifxpr.com/3OUrW65




      Recently, some good news has come from Germany. https://www.instaforex.com/borussia]Borussia Dortmund[/url] has taken second place in the Bundesliga. This achievement is very important for the team and our company and here is why.

      InstaForex has been a partner of the legendary Borussia Dortmund for a long time. The team is one of the leading professional football clubs in Germany. Over its 100-year history, it has won many prestigious trophies, including the UEFA Champions Cup.

      We have always been watching Borussia Dortmund’s games and celebrating their every victory. This time, the team gave us several reasons to celebrate.

      Borussia Dortmund has qualified for the group stage of the Champions League next season. The top four teams in the Bundesliga become participants in the most prestigious football tournament in Europe.

      Borussia Dortmund has become the Bundesliga vice-champion for the tenth time! It is another reason to be proud of our partner. In addition to its silver medals, the team has eight gold and seven bronze medals.

      The club has also set a new record last season. For the first time in the team's history, it scored 85 goals in one season.

      From August 2021 to May 2022, Borussia Dortmund played 34 games and won 22 of them gaining 69 points.

      InstaForex congratulates Borussia Dortmund on a great season and wishes it new bright achievements!

      Read More https://www.instaforex.com/company_news/14778.html

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        Dear traders!

        Please be aware that Meta Platforms Inc. has changed the ticker symbol for its Class A common stock.

        It means that the former #FB symbol is valid only for closing positions, i.e. the Close only regime. From now on, the company https://ifxpr.com/3yusGJ1]stock[/url] is available for trading under a new ticker symbol: #META.

        You should keep that in mind when planning and opening new trades!

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          Our company's brand ambassador https://www.instaforex.com/viswanathan_anand]Vishy Anand[/URL] achieved considerable success in the second tournament of the Grand Chess Tour. The legendary Grandmaster won the rapid chess tournament and finished second in the overall score.

          The Grand Chess Tour is an annual series of championships featuring the world's best grandmasters. This year, the second super rapid and blitz tournament took place in Warsaw. Ten best chess players participated in the Grand Chess Tour, including our long-time partner, Indian chess legend Viswanathan Anand.

          Anand became the face of InstaForex in 2019. By that time, he had already scooped many titles and awards: he had been crowned the 15th World Chess Champion, had been awarded the Chess Oscar six times, and had won the world rapid and blitz chess tournaments.

          At the Grand Chess Tour, the Indian Grandmaster demonstrated a lightning reaction and impeccable effective technique. He secured a sensational victory in a rapid tournament due to these qualities. Eventually, Anand shared the second spot with Armenian Grandmaster Levon Aronian.

          Anand did not take part in official chess tournaments for a long time. Taking this fact into account, it is safe to say that he still keeps his standards high. Anand’s second place in the overall score and his victory in the rapid tournament are considered excellent results. They boost confidence in the chess player's future achievements. We congratulate our partner on his success and wish him new victories!

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            Our main priority is to make your customer experience as comfortable as possible.

            For your convenience, the InstaFintech Group team has developed FX.CO, https://ifxpr.com/3yvBay6]a mobile app - FX.CO[/url], which you can use anytime and anywhere in the world.

            The number of installations of the FX.CO app in the Play Market has already exceeded 1 million! Thank you for choosing our products!

            It shows us that our hard work has borne fruits. Our team has created an app that includes everything a trader needs:

            - real-time quotes;

            - technical analysis tools and signals;

            - various analysis articles;

            - economic calendar;

            - analysts’ trading recommendations;

            - training courses;

            - and other useful functions.

            As a reminder, FX.CO is also available for download in the https://ifxpr.com/3yvBay6]App Store[/url]. Notably, our app is in the TOP 10 applications for the forex market.

            1 million traders already make a decent profit by using our mobile app. Why don’t you give it a shot?

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              We are happy to share some good news with you. InstaForex mobile app has become even better. We have released a global update pack.

              In new versions 2.0.5 and 2.0.6, we did our best to satisfy the needs of our users. We fixed bugs and added several new features. Let's see what improvements the application has received.

              Let's start with what has been fixed. Now you can save custom indicators on the chart without any problems. We also fixed an error that made it impossible to reset TP/SL to zero when editing a trade. In addition, we tackled the problem of incorrect instrument grouping on some accounts.

              As for the new features, the 2.0.5 version now includes new trading instruments. You can use the horizontal view mode. The balance widget has been improved. The widget displays the profit amount. You can select information and hide the balance, if necessary.

              We optimized the performance and data processing speed in the latest update, as well as added new languages to the application interface and content. The 2.0.6 version has a long-awaited dark theme, which provides comfortable trading in the evening and at night.

              Download and install our fresh InstaForex app and enjoy your trading!

              Read More https://ifxpr.com/3aRIQTM



                August in international financial markets is a month of uninterrupted trading. The minimum number of holidays and weekends, with ones only in certain countries and on some sites, creates a stable and predictable trading environment. However, August is historically a month full of geopolitical events and even shocks.

                Fateful meetings of state leaders, the roll-out and end of world conflicts, OPEC meetings, and even the early effects of the Bretton Woods agreement - all this falls on the last month of summer. In this regard, it is worth focusing not on certain trading breaks but on the news calendar, which is packed with important releases in August. If you are among the first to price in these events on time, your profit will be pretty solid.

                As for the trading schedule for August, it should be noted that the Canadian and Swiss stock exchanges will be closed for trading on August 1 due to national holidays. The Tokyo Stock Exchange will take a 24-hour break on August 11 as Japan celebrates Mountain Day. August 29 will be a non-trading day for the London Stock Exchange on the occasion of the so-called "Summer Bank Holiday".

                Such trading instruments as currency pairs, CFDs, stock indices, and commodity options will be available for trading on all weekdays in August. In international trade, such periods are called No market holidays months.

                Read More https://ifxpr.com/3otSMG7



                  The Best Forex Broker 2022 award became one of this year's highlights for InstaForex.

                  The founder of the award is the reputable London-based International Investor Magazine. Every year, the editors of the magazine select companies that have achieved innovative success in the field of investment and award the best among all the elite International Investor Award.

                  We at InstaForex have been working hard and improving our achievements day by day. That is why we are very proud of this award.

                  This victory proves that the main goal of InstaForex is to take care of each client: providing high-quality trading conditions, the opportunity to participate in contests and enjoy various company bonuses.

                  Our goal is to improve and improve services and services every year so that every client of our company is satisfied.

                  Thanks for choosing us!

                  Read More https://ifxpr.com/3pOKOrH



                    Recently, InstaForex has proved once again its leadership in the financial industry by receiving the International Investor Award. Reputable UK-based International Investor Magazine gave this prestigious award to our company. This magazine covers the most crucial news and events in the world of economics and finance.

                    This award is given annually to the best brokers only. These are the companies that have accomplished the most in the field of investment and finance. Having received the highest scores on various criteria, InstaForex took first place among competitors and became the best forex broker in 2022.

                    What does this title mean for InstaForex team? Firstly, this is solid proof that our customers trust us. Secondly, it makes us certain that we provide traders with the most favorable conditions for successful forex trading among hundreds of other similar companies. Last but not least, we are extremely happy to get this reputable award after 15 years of hard work. For us, it is also a confirmation that we are not just keeping up with innovations but we are one step ahead!

                    Read https://ifxpr.com/3dMCmGM


                    • SEPTEMBER 6 - LABOR DAY IN THE US AND CANADA

                      The month of September has very few holidays interrupting trading, similar to August. The only significant market holiday affecting the schedule is September 6, Labor Day in the US and Canada. On this day, trading US-listed securities will be unavailable. Trading currency pairs involving the US dollar, such as EUR/USD, USD/CNY, and USD/RUB will be halted for the day in many FX markets around the world, like the Moscow Exchange.

                      With all trading involving US assets being halted on September 6, traders will likely switch to other financial instruments, boosting demand for European securities and less popular currencies. It is possible to make a profit from trading a wide range of assets that will replace US assets on September 6. To do so, a trader should buy a diversified selection of CFDs that do not include the US dollar, as well as CFD on shares of non-US companies. The base currency could range from traditional safe-haven currencies like the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen to second-tier currencies like the Indonesian rupee, the Brazilian real, and even the Polish zloty.

                      On September 6, only markets in the US will be closed, which will greatly boost demand for unconventional and non-convertible assets. Traders could take advantage of the situation by buying these assets in advance and selling them on this day. It is unlikely to bring significant profit, but the earned gains and experience will still make it worthwhile.

                      The Tokyo Stock Exchange will be closed on September 19, Japan’s Old Age Day, as well as on September 23, the autumn equinox, which is a traditional holiday for the exchange in Tokyo. On these days, Japanese securities will be traded via the CFD market.

                      Throughout the rest of the month, global financial markets will follow their regular schedule.



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