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  • Trading Masterclass: form your very own advanced trading strategy

    Dear Clients,

    Traders willing to be successful need to continuously educate themselves on the main Forex subjects and keep track of the market trends.

    InstaForex is happy to announce the upcoming webinar that will be held on 14th July, 2021. You will refresh the lessons learned and build an advanced strategy based on the knowledge gained already.

    Use the chance to boost your knowledge on technical analysis and register for free here.


    • Notification of the futures contracts expiration in July 2021

      Dear traders!

      We would like to inform you on the expiry dates of futures contracts in July 2021. On the following dates, the orders on the mentioned assets will be closed. Please, take into account this information when planning your trading. We have divided the list of assets into two tables for your convenience.

      Expiry dates for futures contracts on crude oil and gas:

      #CL - 20.07.2021
      #NG - 28.07.2021
      After the closure, orders on CL and NG will be automatically reopened in the next trading session.

      Expiry dates for other commodity assets:

      #QMQ21 - 19.07.2021
      #QGQ21 - 27.07.2021
      #HOQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #XRBQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #XBZU21 - 30.07.2021
      #GCQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #SIQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #HGQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #ZLQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #ZMQ21 - 30.07.2021
      #ZSQ21 - 30.07.2021

      Orders on the above-mentioned instruments are closed on the specified date and are not automatically reopened.

      If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact InstaForex Support Service.


      • Let’s welcome Yuliya Efimova as InstaForex brand ambassador

        6-time World Champion and renowned swimmer Yuliya Efimova opens a new chapter in her career outside sports. She has joined the ranks of InstaForex brand ambassadors. In the course of the partnership, Yuliya Efimova will take part in a variety of the broker’s marketing and PR campaigns.

        Roman Cepelev, a director for the business development of InstaForex company in Asia, commented on the new cooperation, saying: “The partnership with Yuliya Efimova is an entirely new dazzling experience. Yuliya is a sports star who made us fall in love with swimming again after a long period of stagnation. She assured us to enjoy swimming tournaments owing to her charisma and achievements which have been confirmed by 17(!) medals from the World Championships, including 6 gold ones. It goes without saying that millions of InstaForex clients will be inspired by her vigorous energy.”

        “I’ve never been into online trading,” says Yulyia. “However, the diversity, which InstaForex has to offer alongside the customer-focused approach and an innovative touch, is really impressive! That’s why I am so happy to become a brand ambassador for InstaForex and hope to make some contribution to the success of this brand”.

        InstaForex is getting ready to launch some promo campaigns and contests with the participation of the adorable champion in the nearest future. The broker can boast a long history of extremely successful partnership with outstanding athletes and highly popular sports teams. FС Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Victoria Azarenka, Viswanathan Anand, and other bright stars have been among the brokers’ brand ambassadors. No wonder, InstaForex will surprise its clients with new exciting and promo campaigns!


        • Hurry Up and Register for Miss Insta 2021!


          Miss Insta 2021 will be summed up very soon. It is an annual and traditional beauty contest with an impressive money prize. Every girl from any part of the world can share her unbelievable beauty and charisma and fight for precious prizes.

          Registration for Miss Insta 2021 began October 1, 2020, and will continue until September 1, 2021. That means there are only a few days left during which you can still apply to participate. It's really worth it because the total prize pool is as much as $45,000!

          A participant will win $20,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place and $5,000 for third. Additionally, you can get $5,000 each in the Forex Lady and Insta Choice categories.

          To take part in the contest, go to the registration page (green button below). Before that, you can read the detailed conditions of Miss Insta 2021 on this page.

          We also remind you that each of you can vote for one of the registered participants. You can do this on the official website of the contest, looking at all the candidates.


          • FX.CO Mobile App Now Available for iOS!

            The fx.co analytical website has recently presented the https://apps.apple.com/app/forex-portal/id1541984288]Forex Portal mobile application for iOS[/url] devices. Every user of Apple devices can install the platform for free to keep up to date with the latest developments in financial markets as well as monitor the rates of particular assets on a daily basis.

            Notably, FX.CO is a partner of InstaForex. The company plays a wide-ranging role in promoting the development of Forex Portal. Its mobile app for Android devices has already been developed. It is available for download via a direct link on Play Market.

            The iOS and Android versions of the Forex Portal app have identical functionality which includes:

            Real-time charts and quotes of financial instruments

            Trading signals and technical analysis of the most liquid assets

            Access to the best articles about Forex

            An opportunity to receive PUSH notifications of new articles, economic calendar events, as well as when trading signals appear

            Professional analysis articles from financial market experts

            Economic calendar and much more

            Forex Portal is a huge source of knowledge and useful information for traders. The application offers multiple benefits to both novice and savvy traders. You can download iOS and Android versions from fx.co partners right now. To do this, just follow one of the links in the News section and install the app on your smartphone!
            Last edited by IFX Yvonne; 08-27-2021, 03:19 AM.


            • Changes in the trading hours on September 6


              Dear traders! We would like to inform you that trading hours will be changed on September 6, 2021. Please take this fact into account when placing your trading orders. The changes will affect the following instruments on the above date:

              CFD Stocks will not be available for trading

              CFD on U.S. stock indices will be available until 8 p.m. (GMT+3)

              Spot Metals will be available until 8 p.m. (GMT+3)

              Futures Energy will be available until 8 p.m. (GMT+3)

              Futures Metals will be available until 8 p.m. (GMT+3)

              Futures Agro will not be available for trading

              Futures Goods will not be available for trading

              If you have any questions, please contact InstaForex Customer Service.


              • You still have fair chance of winning posh Ferrari!


                InstaForex is always pleased to brighten up trading routine of its clients with awesome prizes. The mega campaign with a Ferrari F8 Tributo as the main prize has been going on for two years. You got it right! We raffle a genuine race car from the legendary Italian manufacturer!

                This dream may come true for any active InstaForex trader. The campaign term is December 9, 2022. So, everyone has a fair chance!

                What should you do? Just make some simple steps.

                1. Open one or a few accounts during the campaign’s term from 09.12.2010 until 09.12.2022.

                2. Make sure that you replenish your deposit with an overall amount of over $1,000 during the campaign’s term. Calculate it by the formula: A - B + C > $1,000 where A is the amount of all your credits from December 9, 2019, B is the amount of all your withdrawals from December 9, 2019, C is your trading result.

                3. Keep on trading actively the following currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, and USDCAD.

                4. Be patient and wait for the announcement.

                The prize draw as such and the announcement of the winner will be fully transparent and freely available. The lucky trader will receive the car in a prize-giving ceremony. The photos as well as comments from the winner and InstaForex representatives will be posted on the official website and on social media.

                More than 700K traders have already signed up for the campaign. So, you are running out of time! This is a realistic chance of winning the car of your dreams!

                Those participants whose deposit will be the largest at the moment of the scores evaluation have the highest chances. Importantly, please fulfil all the conditions which are available on the appropriate webpage. Follow the link and read everything carefully.


                • We raise Chancy Deposit prize pool to $3,000 in September


                  Have you heard that Olympic Champion Yuliya Efimova has become a new InstaForex brand ambassador? This is a momentous event for our team and we would like to celebrate it with you. Being six-time World Champion, seven-time European Champion, and three-time Olympic medalist, Yuliya is a living legend. Collaboration with such an eminent athlete is super important for our company.

                  Yuliya's victories are so inspiring that we have decided to do something special in her honor. And what could be more special than to please our dear clients? Let’s celebrate this big event together! We raise the prize pool of the Chancy Deposit campaign to $3,000 in September.

                  The rules remain the same: top up your trading account with at least $3,000 and get a chance to win as much. Hurry up to join the campaign as the time of the promotion is limited. Do not postpone your participation until later. Yuliya and InstaForex are rooting for you!


                  • From now on, InstaVerify available also for iOS!

                    InstaForex has made it easier for clients to open a new account and verify personal data. From now on, InstaVerify mobile app is available also for iOS gadgets. Earlier, the Android InstaVerify version used to be the only option which has been already used by thousands of new InstaForex clients.

                    The iOS version can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store to an iPhone with 11.0 iOS and higher.

                    InstaVerify is the tailor-made app for new InstaForex clients to facilitate their verification. When all personal data is confirmed, every new trader will gain access to a great variety of services and privileges in the company. A newcomer should sign up for either the Android or iOS version and upload scanned copies or photos of an ID. As soon as personal data is processed, this account will be recognized as verified. Besides, a client can pass the second level of verification that opens up even more privileges.

                    So, a new account can be registered directly in the app that includes the following features:

                    - Verification of a trading account

                    - Checking the current status of account’s verification

                    - Verification of a bank card for faster deposits

                    - Checking the current status of bank card’s verification

                    - Contacting technical support on verification matters

                    Please take advantage of InstaVerify, the new mobile app that is now available for iOS! We managed to make verification hassle-free for you!
                    Last edited by IFX Yvonne; 09-20-2021, 08:33 AM.


                    • InstaForex is excited to announce the upcoming FREE webinar on September 29, 2021

                      Dear clients,

                      Traders willing to be successful need to continuously educate themselves and keep track of the market trends.

                      InstaForex is excited to announce the upcomingFREE webinar on September 29, 2021 where Torben Melsted will teach you to apply an effective risk management strategy and maintain control of your trades.

                      Use the chance to boost your knowledge on risk management and register for free here.



                      No announcement yet.

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