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  • xHumanality offers a new era of social media.

    I think this is the best social media platform these days. xHumanity has embraced the mission to help humanity fulfill its desires and dreams and evolve into a better world, aiming for freedom and truth.

    Examples of key factors xHumanity compared to Facebook
    • xHumanity is a decentralized system, governed by the consensus reached by the community members and not by a specific entity;
    • In xHumanity, user's action inside the network are rewarded with reputation and cryptocoins, according to the proposed algorithms
    • At xHumanity, the advertising system is aimed at users, who receive a reputation for crypto coins and involvement in promotions. You won't be flooded with unwanted ads like Facebook.
    • On Facebook, like a post based on principles other than the actual value of the post! Can be given to friends. xHumanity will endeavor to reduce this behavior with the aim of voting given to the post to reflect the value of this post as much as possible.
    • On Facebook, the likes given to posts by influencers are the same as the likes from regular users. In xHumaniy, the more popular your users are, the more valuable your vote will be.
    xHumanity will use xCRED tokens to quatity users' reputation. Emission will be a continuous one:
    • For each point of reputation earned, the user will receive 1 xCRED token
    • For UBI (Universal Basic Income) every 3 months. The amount received by each active user will be equal to 1% of xCRED tokens emitted up to that time.
    • xDNA coin is meant for transferring value from outside in to the xHumanity ecosystem. The emission of xDNA is fixed at 11 Billion.
    xHumanity to distribute tokens soon

    The token distribution is expected to commence in the next 47 days, with 2,200,000,000 tokens to be distributed.

    Further information at: https://xhumanity.org/


No announcement yet.

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