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  • VIC Rewards based on the various dClinic PHB Eco-Systems.

    Absolute Cryptography in Healthcare is a perfect example of how cryptography is useful and can provide true utility to all users.

    As I know that VIC Rewards has been specially designed for healthcare. Unlike many other Crypto tokens and products, VIC Rewards will provide True Utility Value. Here are VIC Rewards commitment to all VIC investors.

    VIC is a true Utility Vitality coin and you can use VIC to purchase health and wellness products and services on VIC Marketplace. For example, cosmetic and beauty care products, PPE (face masks), accommodation, and many more.

    They will launch VIC Marketplace in August 2020 and we continue to add merchant partners to their Marketplace. They will also be running a VIC plus special (monthly promotion), and this will give your VIC more value.

    So, if you are an investor looking to diversify your portfolio and are actively investigating the Crypto marketplace given the volatility of the world’s stock markets, then we invite you to explore the benefits of VIC, especially now when healthcare is front and centre during these extremely unfortunate times of pandemic uncertainty.

    Now is the time to actively participate in your healthcare and extend your Vitality.

    For more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io


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