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  • xHumanity is a great platform format and is recommended for use.

    Absolutely I think this is a very user friendly and profitable platform. I really recommend using it. xHumanity is an adaptive social media platform, which provides a high degree of freedom of speech and even consciousness, as well as a reconciliation reward.

    Controversy and the freedom to disagree will eventually lead to reconciliation, which the system aims to reward fairly.

    Some examples of key elements that xHumanity has compared to Facebook:
    • xHumanity is a decentralized system, governed by the consensus reached by the community members and not by a specific entity;
    • In xHumanity, users action inside the network are rewarded with reputation and crypto coins, according to the proposed algorithms
    • In xHumanity there are both an up vote and a down vote;
    • In Facebook, the likes of a post can be given among friends, on other principles than the actual value of the post. Xhumanity will look to diminish this behavior, aiming for the votes given to a post to reflect as much as possible the value of that post;
    • In Facebook, a like given to a post by an influencer has the same value as a like from a normal user, in xHumanity the more reputation a user has, the more value his vote will have;
    • In xHumanity if two users had a contrary behavior to one another and at some point they come to a consensus, they will be rewarded ccording to the principles mentioned before;
    • In xHumanity the advertising system will be oriented towards the users, who will receive crypto coins and reputation for their involvement in promoting.
    • They will not be flooded with unwanted ads like on Facebook;
    • Because xHumanity is based on trust between its users, for donations there will be no need for affiliation with any entity.
    xHumanity Emission Plan

    xHumanity will use xCRED tokens to quatity users' reputation. Emission will be a continuous one:
    • For each point of reputation earned, the user will receive 1 xCRED token
    • For UBI (Universal Basic Income) every 3 months. The amount received by each active user will be equal to 1% of xCRED tokens emitted up to that time.
    • xDNA coin is meant for transferring value from outside in to the xHumanity ecosystem. The emission of xDNA is fixed at 11 Billion.
    xHumanity to distribute tokens soon

    xHumanity will be distributing its IEO ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum platform. The token’s ease-of-use is based on its compatibility with third-party services wallets, exchanges, and lots more.

    The token distribution is expected to commence in the next 47 days, with 2,200,000,000 tokens to be distributed.

    Further information at: https://xhumanity.org/


No announcement yet.

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