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  • VIC Rewards is a new era of revolution. You can earn from your health care.

    I think everyone can win a VIC! We not only reward you as a consumer, but also the members of the care team who helped you on your healthcare journey to VITALITY.

    Therefore, every time you perform a task based on a smart contract, VIC Rewards will use VIC to reward you and your supporting medical team members.

    Absolute Cryptography in Healthcare is a perfect example of how cryptography is useful and can provide true utility to all users.

    VIC is a Vitality Coin utilised in their VIC Rewards Loyalty Program, that will reward consumers (that’s you) for taking steps towards keeping yourself and your family healthy.
    VIC rewards is a product of dClinic, a dedicated Healthcare Blockchain Technology Company.

    Based on the demand for something that works in healthcare to reward good healthcare practices, especially in an increasingly strained global health system, we created a rewards program that will give incentive to people to take care of their own health. This clearly has great benefits for the healthcare systems globally.

    Using secure Blockchain technology to reward, distribute and track your rewards using Smart Contracts agreed between yourself and your care team providers, VIC Rewards is a revolution because you can now earn from your own healthcare.

    As I know that VIC Rewards has been specially designed for healthcare.Unlike many other Crypto tokens and products, VIC Rewards will provide True Utility Value. Here are VIC Rewards commitment to all VIC investors.
    For more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io


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