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  • They offer the outstanding healthcare benefits of VIC Rewards.io

    As I know that VIC Rewards has been specially designed for healthcare.Unlike many other Crypto tokens and products, VIC Rewards will provide True Utility Value. Here are VIC Rewards commitment to all VIC investors.

    VIC is a Vitality Coin (loyalty and rewards token) that has been created to be a true utility token, so users have actual value when they purchase VIC or earn VIC Rewards through following their set healthcare plan.
    They want consumers to use VIC to purchase health and wellness services and products from quality partners and providers of the VIC Marketplace and VIC ecosystem.

    Doesn’t it make sense to be able to use your token and rewards as utility to trade and receive the benefits of real services and goods? This means you as the consumer have more choice in how you shop for your own healthcare, and how you live; your VITALITY.

    And with the ability to earn VIC Rewards as you make healthier lifestyle choices and adhere to your care plan set by your health and wellness professionals, it’s easier than ever to build your income in your own VIC healthcare wallet too.

    To enjoy the reward of being able to spend them on more ways to stay healthy and improve lifestyle and well-being is a great new way of living.

    You will have more opportunities and choice as VIC’s marketplace grows with more, and more quality partners who have our vision and your wellbeing at heart.

    More choice, more health and vitality and more rewards in consumer’s pockets is good for the economy and good for the future of healthcare.

    For example, cosmetic and beauty care products, PPE (face masks), accommodation, and many more.

    For more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io


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