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  • Medical rewards for the brave new world.

    Want to invest in a profitable and reliable healthcare project? So I think this is the place. This is an excellent opportunity as it returns ownership of health data and rewards to the consumer's pocket.
    How VIC Rewards Work
    VIC (vitality coin) are a form of crypto currency/token that is created and managed through
    the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography.
    These tokens are stored as trade currency in a crypto wallet that we call VIC wallet and can
    be traded by consumers for other tokens, or for services and products within the VIC Rewards Eco- system which consists of partners and other token currency traders.

    How do you benefit from VIC reward tokens?
    • VIC Rewards will be used for part of or wholly for products and services in the PHB Eco-System Marketplaces.
    • Products and Services will be charged for a certain number of VIC regardless of the daily value of the VIC. This creates true utility through stability of currency value for the VIC.
    • VIC will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the PHB Eco-Systems. VIC will leverage dClinic’s success. VIC is linked to a successful business and business model.
    • VIC will have huge exposure through the PHB Eco-System and clients. VIC will not be an obscure token, rather, VIC will be pervasive.
    • VIC will be listed and managed only on reputable exchanges where the PHB ECO-System is implemented (ASEAN region first where there are a huge number of crypto traders).

    VIC Rewards can help reduce healthcare costs for governments and healthcare. VIC Rewards can improve medical outcomes in many ways.
    So more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io


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