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  • Customers can validate the data and optimize the benefits of royalties.

    Aqua intelligence.

    Hospitality industry revolution with comprehensive distribution profile for consumers in international market.

    According to my knowledge, the current solutions used in the hospitality industry contain segmented and incorrect data as a result of older software solutions built without data intelligence.

    AQUA is now confusing the landscape by using AI and block chain technology to develop the first comprehensive data solution for the hospitality industry. With this innovative approach, AQUA helps to increase business revenue by providing customers with personalized products, improving operational efficiency, and using efficient machine marketing with machine learning It is.

    At the same time, AQUA can participate in the AQUA token ecosystem so that customers can validate the data and optimize the interests of the loyalty. This is realized by utilizing individual data sources such as AQUA SDK, AQUA Rewards application, AQUA PMS .

    So you can visit at https://aquaintel.io

    Announcement: https://medium.com/aqua-intelligence/announcing-aqua-token-aqx-pre-sale-560040be5d29


No announcement yet.

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