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  • OptionsClick Review

    OptionsClick Overview
    Founded 2011
    Accept US traders Yes
    Normalized profit 89%
    Trading assets Commodities, Currency, Indices, Stocks
    Total assets 98
    Minimum Deposit $200
    Min. Trade size $10
    Trading Currency USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, DKK, SEK
    Deposit Methods Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer,
    Withdrawal methods Credit Cards, Wire Transfer
    Platform Special features High/Low, One Touch, Boundary
    Demo Account Yes



    Accepts US traders

    Wide range of Assets


    Not so comprehensive asset list

    High fee for succeeding withdrawals

    High minimum deposit amount

    Very limited deposit and withdrawal methods

    The OptionsClick platform is 100% web-based and it should have been easy to trade right on the trading page. However, this wasn’t the case. I found the trading charts a bit l cramped and too small for my vision, making it difficult for me to choose from among the information that was crammed right in there. I didn’t see any features breaking new grounds, either, that other brokers do not have. For this, I give the Platform a score of 5/10.

    I can appreciate the efforts to provide every minute detail for the trader; however, this has caused some features to be sacrificed. I find it lacking that there are no chart interpretations for an available asset. Yes, a substantial list of assets is presented but, all I see are numbers and figures in varying colors, which I didn’t find visually stimulating at all.
    All in all OptionsClick gets a Design Score of 2.5/5.

    Min. Amounts
    Minimum Deposit:
    Optionsclick requires a minimum deposit amount of $200. Now, this is a bit high for my taste. And I think it goes the same way especially for new traders who wouldn’t want to part with a huge amount on a first trade. It’s not that I don’t want to commit any money into this platform; it’s just that there are other brokers that offer a much lower deposit amount that, similarly, qualifies as a reputable broker like OptionsClick. For the minimum deposit score, OptionsClick gets a 2/5.

    Minimum trade:
    The minimum trade that can be entered on the OptionsClick platform is $10. Again, there are other brokers out there offering a much lower trade size that are equally capable to handle trades than this one, which is why OptionsClick gets a Minimum Trade Score of 3/5.

    Traders of all calibers would have appreciated a much lower trade size. Besides, with an ample trading balance, there could have been more opportunities when investing smaller amount before depleting what’s in there, right? And the fact that newbies are just catching on how to be efficient traders could have taken half of the minimum trade size as capital for future trades. They’re just starting out and learning the ropes after all.

    Tradable Assets:
    Looking at the list of assets offered by OptionsClick, I would say that it’s not as comprehensive as that of more established brokers. There is a substantial number you can choose from but, not a lot to give the kind of variety that I look for. The assets available for weekend trading are very few as well. Here is a list of assets that OptionsClick currently offers:

    15 Indices
    30 Currency Pairs
    42 Stocks
    11 Commodities

    It may appear that OptionsClick has an extensive asset list judging by its sheer number but, I’m not at all excited to nitpick through their list, which is why I am giving it a Tradable assets score of 2.5/5.

    If marketing gimmicks of OptionsClick is to be believed, this broker guarantees all payouts of profits. With an 89% payout rate, this is definitely not that bad. However, logging in to my trading account, the highest rate that I saw was a mere 81%. So I waited it out more hoping that a higher payout rate might pop out later on but, the rates that I’ve seen were mostly at the range of 77%-81%. This gives OptionsClick a Payouts score of 7/10.

    Withdrawal Time: You’ll discover just how serious your broker is by the way your account is maintained and your withdrawal requests processed. Most brokers profess that they can complete these processes in the soonest time possible. With Optionsclick being relatively new in the industry, there aren’t that many reports on their withdrawal process. And if there are reports that come up, it is mostly negative, always painting the same picture: delayed payout. I am giving OptionsClick a withdrawal time score of 6/10.

    Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: OptionsClick offers very limited deposit and withdrawal methods: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Wire Transfer. This broker doesn’t even support PayPal. And a $30 fee for succeeding withdrawals compounded my disinterest even more. For this reason, I give them a Deposit and Withdrawal Score of 2/5.

    You can tell if your broker is in it just for the money and if they’re just there to make money off of you. On a good day, you’ll meet a broker that not only will help you trade for the win but also help you in ways to earn extra money. This is where the issue on transparency comes in. Special restrictions on bonuses should be disclosed, and should be discussed- crystal clear- to you.

    In testing out OptionsClick chat support, I was disheartened because I got no response at all. I’ve waited for almost 30 minutes and all I saw on the chat screen was a message telling me that “an operator will be with you shortly”. What a letdown!

    In contrast to my previous experiences with other brokers, I didn’t have a grand time contacting customer support at OptionsClick. I’m not fond of picking up the phone and placing a call. I could have posted my query online, however, that went unnoticed. If there’s no one there, who could say my phone query will be taken cared of? Besides, it would have been enough reassurance for me as a trader if an agent or account manager is on the end answering my queries through chat. I am giving OptionsClick a Support score of 4/10.

    Bonus Requirements: Brokers attract newbie traders and retain loyal customers with bonuses. For novice traders, there’s the ‘Welcome Bonus’. But this doesn’t come without a catch. Usually the bonus cannot be withdrawn without fulfilling a number of requirements. To know more about this bonus, please read our discussion on the broker scoring page.

    Surprise! Surprise! On the bonus scale, OptionsClick is tipping on its side big time. OptionsClick has one of the highest trading requirements before the bonus can be withdrawn: 50* the bonus value. This is huge and for this OptionsClick is rewarded with a Bonus Requirements Score of 2/5. This means that if you are offered a bonus of $50, then you must complete a trading volume of $2,500 before you can withdraw the bonus amount.

    Withdrawal Pre-Volume: Suppose you want to withdraw what’s on your balance of which the bonus is part of, think again. If you withdraw the entire or part of the deposit in which the bonus is included and you do it before trading the bonus 50 times, the bonus gets cancelled. It seems unreasonable huh? Yes, it’s all there on the site’s Bonus Terms and Conditions. This warrants OptionsClick a LOW Pre Volume Withdrawal Score of 1/5.

    Even on the get-go, OptionsClick is not one broker I would say is a cut above the rest. I don’t see anything new in what they offer. What they got I can get from other trading platforms.
    If it’s any worth, this firm pales in comparison with brokers out there. They’ve only been in the industry for a relatively short time, yet they have already done what some companies seem to be doing these days: getting a mediocre reputation.

    I wouldn’t do a double-take when surfing the net and I’ve accidentally clicked on OptionsClick. I don’t see a reason to choose this broker at first sight.

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    The review is long but it does cover the important things you need to know about Optionsclick.


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      Good review right here.


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        good read. It has a lot of information about the broker



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