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    Most Volatile Currency Pairs of 2019

    Want to start Forex Trading but don’t know which forex pairs you need to focus for profit? Nobody can give this answer correctly as it depends upon the trader’s knowledge about that currency pair and the volatility of currency pairs. You need to take the time to analyze different pairs against your own strategy, to determine which are the best Forex pairs to trade on your own account.

    What Volatility Refers to?
    Volatility is a term used to indicate the change in trading price of pairs in a specific period of time. Greater the scope of price variation, greater volatility is considered to be there. The volatility of a pair is measured by calculating the standard movement away of its returns. The standard difference is a measure of how widely values are dispersed from the average value (the mean).

    The importance of volatility for traders
    Being aware of a trading product's volatility is important for every trader, as different levels of volatility are better suited to certain tricks and psychologies. For example, a Forex trader looking to progressively develop his funds without taking on a lot of risk would be advised to choose a currency pair with lower volatility. On the other hand, a risk-seeking trader would look for a currency pair with higher volatility in order to cash in on the superior price differentials that volatile pair offers.

    What affects the volatility of currency pairs?
    Currency pairs are affected by following factors or events:
    • Economic or Market Related Events
    • Change in Interest Rate of a Country
    • Drop in Commodity Prices
    The degree of volatility is generated by different aspects of the paired currencies and their economies. Moreover drivers of volatility include inflation, government debt, and current account deficits; the political and economic stability of the country whose currency is in play will also influence FX volatility. As well, currencies not regulated by a central bank - such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - will be more volatile since they are inherently speculative.
    According to the chart we come to the point that GBP/NZD is the most volatile currency pair of 2019.


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      Forex Indicators

      Forex Indicators also known as Expert Advisors (EAs) are tools used by traders on the trading platform to help them make better trading decisions, by using certain methods and strategies which predict the future movements of prices. Most Forex platforms allow the use of EAs although in some few cases they may not be allowed, so it is always preferable to check.
      These tools can be found on the platform and traders can choose which are the best to use for each trade. Some traders prefer one tool over the other, some like combining several methods. There are many Forex Indicators and EAs, here are two of the most popular ones;

      The Profit Taking Tool
      As the name suggests it advices the trader when is the right time to take the profits and close the trade. While many traders can go into good trades deciding when is the right to pull out is a little more tricky. Pulling out too soon may prevent you from making further profits and pulling out too late may cost you your profits. In this case the three day relative index can also be used to help the trader determine what the likely odds are. Another method is the known Bollinger Bands, which adds and subtracts the standard deviation of price data changes over a period from the average closing price over that same time frame to create trading ‘bands’.
      Another method is the trailing stop, which gives the potential of the trade to let profits run without staying open too late and losing money.

      Trend Confirmation Tool
      The trend confirmation tool is usually used as a backup for the trend following tool. It helps reassure whether the current trend following indicator is correct or not. It gives its own results and if both Trend following and trend confirmation tool results match then the trader can be reassured.
      Overall Forex Indicators, Expert Advisors and trade assisting tools are many, and they can each be used in many different ways, through many different method, for many different reasons, which is why it is advised to further explore Forex indicators, they can and will make your trades easier and more successful eventually helping you become a better trader.


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        What is a Bull Market?

        Markets are described as either Bull markets or Bear markets depending on the general direction of their currencies.
        The term bull market derives from the way a bull attacks its enemies by swaying its thorns upwards, therefore it describes a market that is heading in an upwards direction.

        What stands out about a bull market is that it is generally moving upwards, and has been moving upwards for a long period of time. Even if it suffers minor losses its general direction is always positive.
        This doesn’t apply to just the currency, but the whole environment surrounding the currency like the economic environment, employment in the country, and number of investments.
        A bull market attracts many investors as it promises almost guaranteed high profits, and because it keeps getting investors, it continues to perform well and thrive.

        It is hard for investors to suddenly lose interest in a bull market, unless a general rumour is spread about the market, making all investors and traders believe that this market is going to decline, forcing them to withdraw their investments, and invest against the market, leading to a big decline and moving the market from bullish to bearish.

        Of course there are many ways for a market to be affected, and that can be through big news releases, businesses between countries and more, if the market declines on its own, it will also push investors away which will further in its decline.


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          Advantages and Requirements of the MT4 Forex Trading Platform

          Mt4 or Meta Trader 4 is one of the most popular and used Forex Trading Platform. It is offered by almost every Forex company and preferred by many forex traders. The platform has established itself as a prominent one by catering to all the basic needs of traders and not just for trading.

          The most likeable feature about Mt4 is its user friendliness, which allows even the newest of traders to adjust to trading smoothly without the complications of learning how to use a new software. It offers a simple and understandable interface, which is highly customisable, allowing each trader to decide how their platform will look like, and be most comfortable to make their trading easier.

          Additionally Mt4 offers technical and fundamental analysis, and Forex indicators which are an important and desired help by both newcomers and experienced traders. Expert Advisors are also an important and big advantage, not only does the platform come with its own EAs but it allows traders to write and design their own EAs and upload them to the platform, giving the space for anyone who wants to expand their skills to do so.

          The key features of Mt4 are the Market Watch Window, Navigator Window, Multiple Order Types, Variety of pre-installed indicators, Analysis tools and multiple chart set ups, Automated Trading Order Execution Capabilities, Hedging and Scalping friendly, and Expert Advisors.
          The Mt4 Platform can be downloaded on all devices (including Apple devices) like phones and tablets.


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            XtreamForex Thailand Demo Trading Contest

            XtreamForex demo contest provide traders a chance to get real money without investing your own funds! Before you start real trading take your first step in this exciting opportunity, make little real cash and test your skills. Join and take a dive into the exciting world of Forex trading competition with XtreamForex! Joining Link: https://xtreamforex.com/thailanddemocontest.html

            Contest’s Time:
            • Registration Period: 19th August 2019 to 6th September 2019.
            • Trading Period: 9th September 2019 to 11th October 2019
            Winner Announcement: 21st October 2019

            Offer is Applicable: Only for Traders of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia

            How to Apply: The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to participate.

            To Win: The client who will generate maximum profit at the end of the contest will win.

            Winning Prize
            • 1st Prize $1000
            • 2nd Prize $750
            • 3rd Prize $500


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              XtreamForex Philippines Demo Trading Contest

              Join and take a dive into the exciting world of Forex trading competition with XtreamForex! Here we offer forex trading contest for demo accounts once in a year. You can join this contest for free. Forex Demo Trading competitions are the best way for beginners to gain experience in Forex trading and to try out and improve your trading strategies in a competitive environment! Joining Link: https://xtreamforex.com/PhilippinesDemoContest.html

              Contest’s Time:
              • Registration Period: 19th August 2019 to 6th September 2019.
              • Trading Period: 9th September 2019 to 11th October 2019
              Winner Announcement: 21st October 2019
              Offer is Applicable: Only for Traders of Philippines
              How to Apply: The Client must register for the competition via the competition dedicated page in order to participate.
              To Win: The client who will generate maximum profit at the end of the contest will win.
              Winning Prize
              • 1st Prize $1000
              • 2nd Prize $750
              • 3rd Prize $500


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                Xtreamforex Services

                XtreamForex is committed to provide superior Forex trading services for all clients, irrespective of the size of their account balances. Our whole team is committed to offering best industry leading products and services to all clients.
                • ECN Forex Broker: ECN broker is a forex financial expert. It is a non-dealing desk brokers. The ECN provides an electronic system for buyers and sellers to come together for the purpose of executing trades. It can best be described as a bridge linking smaller market participants with its liquidity providers through ECN FOREX BROKER.
                • Top Forex Trading Platform: Forex Trading Platform have a huge impact on Forex Trading. Forex Trading platforms are the most widely adopted trading association in the entire financial market. It has an incredible amount of exposure among retail traders with a reach and visibility that exceed any other financial product.
                • Forex Market Analysis: Forex Market analysis is used by retail forex traders to determine buy or sell items on currency pairs. Forex Market analysis many types like as Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, weekend analysis etc.
                • Segregated Client Accounts: When a Forex broker are use segregated accounts, it means there is a dedicated account where client funds are kept separate from the broker’s operating funds. In Forex industry, a number of brokers choose Segregated account for their customers.
                • Customer support: XtreamForex are available for customer support 24/5 during marketing times. If you have any query/question please feel free to ask us.

                For more detail visit here: https://xtreamforex.com


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                  Risk Management

                  When trading Forex there are many factors that can affect the trades very badly, be it greed or fear. Some people can get too intoxicated with the thrill of making a profit that they lose a streak of trades that sets them back, or they can invest too much money in each trade and get wiped out. All these factors need to be managed, and that is where risk management comes in. Risk management not only reduces risk for trades but makes sure that traders have a plan to recover their losses.

                  Reward to Risk Ration

                  With this method of risk management, traders have to consider the possible reward with the successful completion of a transaction, when they are deciding on which trade to make. This includes considering the spread as it affects the price a lot. The possible reward from the trade has to be big enough to cover the fees you will be paying the broker through the spread, so the trader puts a stop to execute a sell order automatically if the trade moves against him, this protects the capital and makes sure losses won’t more than the fee.

                  So if a spread costs 2 pips and a 50 pip trading loss is acceptable, then the reward expected should be 152 pips so you get a 3:1 reward risk ration. This means a downside of 50 pips with an upside of 152 pips can cover the spread, and give you a 150:50 reward risk ration.

                  Capital protection & Risk Management

                  Using this method a trader makes sure each trade uses no more than 2% of the capital. This makes sure that even with a series of bad trade the balance won’t go down to 0 and therefore the trader does not go broke. With a constant 2% investment of the capital, it would take an average of 50 losses in order to lose all the funds. This not only smart but also a highly encouraging making sure you don’t end up having to fund all the time and waste your money and lose your courage.

                  XtreamForex Risk Management Tips:
                  • Try Demo/Practice account.
                  • Daily watch the news.
                  • Stay updated with current and upcoming Economic events.
                  • Open trade with small Lot size.
                  • Correlations – increasing risk unknowingly.
                  • Always set your stop loss and take profit.

                  For more detail visit here:https://xtreamforex.com


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                    Forex Scalping

                    Traders use many different forms of trading which they feel the most comfortable at, and help them make the best profits they can. Each trader depending on their strong points can find themselves working better and earning more when using a the method which suits them best.
                    Scalping is a well-known and commonly used form of trading which suits trader who wants to make large numbers of trades earning small profits each time. This happens by opening a trade, buying a currency pair, and closing it as soon as the smallest profit is made – usually between 3 to five minutes - completely evading risk even if the profit is too small to make a difference.

                    The main base of scalping is to make a lot of trades daily – can be up to over a hundred a day – and aim on never losing any money through those trades, but steadily keeps making small profit among small profit slowly building up a larger account.

                    The downside of scalping is that it requires large amounts of deposit, to be able to handle the amount of leverage which must be taken to make the short and small trades worthy. It also demands a lot more attention, as none of the positions can be losses, otherwise the other small trades will be imbalanced by losses and therefore become entirely useless. It takes clear and attentive concentration skills to achieve that.

                    Of course needless to say, Scalping is time consuming, and would take a trader who can commit to trading for hours on a daily basis in order to keep building up from the small profits made with each trade, therefore it would be very hard to keep up as a scalper if one is not already a full time trader.
                    Based on all these facts it makes sense to say that scalping is not for everybody. It is mainly popular due to the fact that it is technically risk free, because even when a loss is made it is small, and over time it depends on no losses being made, but no big profits either. A constant scalper would choose a safely earned small amount over the risk of a great profit opportunity.

                    An important aspect of scalping is to always keep consistency in trade sizes, if a trader uses erratic trade sizes while scalping; they are bound to lose a lot of money. If random sizes are chosen it is most likely that an oversized, leveraged loss will erase all the profits of a day’s work, defeating the whole principle of scalping. All trade sizes must be the same, making the amount of losses and gains equal, therefore keeping the trading strategy balanced.
                    It is also important to mention that scalping is a popular method to be applied on automated trading programs, due to the fact that it is time consuming and needs very specific and accurate decisions which can be very easily effected by emotions like excitement or greed.

                    The way programs work is by trades being placed through the trading day and the system is based on a set of signals derived from technical analysis charting tools that create a buy or sell decision, at the points which the trader has programmed to indicate the right buy or sell conditions.

                    Many people find scalping through programs effective and doable, because it does not require their immediate presence, or their constant attention.
                    Over all, to become a good scalper, attention, concentration and time are needed, with a lot of practice, and having the intuition to pull out at the right time, even when the profits are too small to seem worthy.

                    Read more: https://www.xtreamforex.com/


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                      $25 No Deposit Trading Bonus

                      Do you want to start forex trading without any initial investment?
                      XtreamForex offers No Deposit Bonus of $25 – the easiest way to start in Forex. Trade without depositing and grow your portfolio. If you are a beginner, this bonus is a great opportunity for you to try out your skills and find out more about trading.
                      Free No Deposit Trading Bonus
                      Joining Link: https://my.xtreamforex.com/no_deposit_bonus
                      Bonus size: $25
                      Maximum amount of bonus: $25
                      Ending Date: Available for Limited Time only.

                      Offer is Applicable: Only for Sri Lanka Clients.

                      How to Apply:
                      • Register an account
                      • Make your account verified with documents.
                      • Get $25 bonus
                      Bonus Cash Out: Bonus is withdrawn able with under the terms and conditions.
                      Each Client receives this bonus only once.


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                        Open Demo Account with XtreamForex

                        Demo Account is the great Startup for beginner!

                        A Demo account is a fantastic way to gain trading experience, test trading strategies with zero risk under real markets. A demo trading account is a kind of trading simulator, or practice account that allows you to practice trading with a wide range of financial instruments, from stocks, indices, and options to CFDs and crypto currency. Gain the trading experience to Open XtreamForex Demo Account and enter the forex market with confidence.

                        Advantages of Demo Account:
                        • Actual trading practice in live market environment.
                        • Absolutely Free: No Credit card required.
                        • Access to market charts, trading signals, forex news and more.
                        • Get daily free analytics.
                        • Practice trading with virtual funds.
                        • Test trading strategies.
                        Here the link to Open Demo Account: https://my.xtreamforex.com/Account/Register


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                          Forex Bonuses and Promotions

                          Everybody loves getting a little extra. So, that’s why XtreamForex offers various Forex Promotions, Bonuses, trading Contests, Reward programs and opportunity to earn extra money in the forex market. Our Forex promotions help to trader’s to increase revenue without any big investments. So create your live account and get chance to earn more money with XtreamForex exclusive promotions.

                          100% Credit Bonus: Bonus promotion gives you the opportunity and earn extra with your capital. Start your forex trading career with XtreamForex and get 100% credit Bonus.
                          • Receive up to $20,000 per account.
                          • Increase account leverage.
                          30% Tradable Bonus: Bonus promotion gives you the opportunity and earn extra with your capital. Start your forex trading career with XtreamForex and get 30% Tradable Bonus.
                          • Enjoy tradable Bonus on every deposit.
                          • Deposit at least 500 USD to get Tradable Bonus.
                          Everyday Payout: XtreamForex are always offer best trading services and promotions to clients. That’s why we offer many new promotions for our IB’s.
                          • You can earn up to $25/Lot Commission for each traded lot.
                          • Full access of your commission statement.
                          • Personal account manager.
                          • Multilingual support.


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                            XtreamForex- Forex Trading Products

                            Choose wide range of Forex Trading Products and create your investments portfolio including forex, shares, indices, crypto-currency, metal and energy. XtreamForex offers more than 175 forex trading products. Check our more Forex Trading Products Register your account and Get extra benefits.

                            Forex: The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest trading market. XtreamForex offers opportunities whatever the volatility in the market. You can Trade more than 60 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs with 0.0 pips.

                            Indices: Start trading on major Indices. Indices are financial derivatives that are calculated as a subjective average of share prices of top performing companies. At XtreamForex you can find some of the top indices such as NAS100, SPX500, US30, ESP35 and much more.

                            CryptoCurrency: XtreamForex offers to clients many digital currencies. You can trade with world most traded digital Currencies like at Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more. You can start trading anytime or anywhere.

                            Stocks: With XtreamForex you can buy stocks CFDs in the world’s biggest companies. Our CFD Stock allows you to buy and sell shares in major corporations listed i.e US, UK AND EU companies


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                              Christmas Special Offer!
                              $30 No Deposit Bonus from XtreamForex

                              Don’t miss out! Go and Grab this Opportunity. Start your live trading with a $30 no deposit bonus offer from world best Forex Broker in the market. Enjoy Live Forex trading without any Deposit as well as any risk. With XtreamForex it is easy to make money trading Forex. We make every effort to provide the best customer experience and give the widest opportunities to our trader! Best Opportunity for beginners.

                              Offer Applicable: All new Traders.
                              Offer Availability: Limited Time Only.
                              Bonus Amount: 30USD

                              Joining link: https://my.xtreamforex.com/no_deposit_bonus

                              How to Apply:
                              • Open a New Live Trading Account
                              • Pass the personal data verification procedure.
                              • And, Get a $30 no deposit bonus.

                              Note: $30 No Deposit Bonus trading account will only be approved after call verification.


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                                Avoid these Common mistakes while trading!

                                Trading has become more accessible than eternally for beginners. First thing, if the risks are coming don’t scare you away from trading, you need to become familiar with some common mistakes that lead up to from failure position. Avoid these mistakes in your trading, your business runs better. Here are some mistakes to avoid:
                                • Trading without a strategy: It is crucial that you approach trading as a business and create a strategic plan that includes short- and long-term goals, the amount of capital you have available and a plan of action. You need to establish what you will be trading. A good trading plan needs to be concise, objective, researched and continually evaluated at standard intervals.
                                • Not Following Stop-Loss Orders: Setting and following a stop-loss is very vital for success in day trading. Stringent stop loss is to put a limit on the losses before they grow big. Losses below the security gap do not blight the trader. One of the common mistakes is when any client crosses a stop order after losing. This mistake commonly happens in the anticipation of a reverse course.
                                • Risking More Than You Can Afford to Lose: The key part of your risk management strategy is to establish how much of your assets you are willing to risk on each trade. Day traders superlatively should risk less than 1% of their capital on any single trade. That means that a stop-loss order closes out a trade if it results in no more than a 1% loss of trading assets.
                                • Not waiting for the right trade: A new day trader must reveal the patience required in waiting for the right trade to match what the technical analysis indicates. Experienced traders wait for the right timing instead of forcing a trade, entering at the erroneous price, and overtrading their account.
                                • Trying to Anticipate the News: Many pairs rise or downfall sharply in the wake of scheduled economic news releases. Anticipating the direction the pair will move, and taking a position before the news comes out, seems like an easy way to make a premium profit. It isn't. Often the price will move in both directions, sharply and quickly, before picking a continual direction.
                                Forex Market is one of the Largest International Financial Market entire the world. To make a large profit Open an account with Best Forex Broker.



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