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  • iQ option - Deposit safety - pay out safety

    Hello all

    I wish to start binary option trading after I have been using the Demo account of iQ option for a month.

    I believe that I can make good profit, and I wish to make a large deposit.

    I am very scared of depositing a large sum.

    So I have some questions I would like answered if possible:

    Has anyone ever been cheated out of they deposit?

    Are there any safety or re assurance of deposit made?

    Has anybody ever been cheated in any real way from IQ option?

    Is there a better broker than iQ option / is iQoption a good, safe broker?

    I have read reviews and such, with mostly positive feedback. But it is that 10% that really scares me..
    I cannot afford to lose my deposit in such a way, and I dont want this apparant trend of brokers not paying out once you start making too much profit.

    Are there any South Africans that can vouch for iQ option ?

    Even better, are there any South Africans that can vouch for iQ option binary services, concerning bigger pay outs? (in tens of thousands)

    Thank you for you time

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    Fortunately our foundation got money back with the Recovery Firm’s help. All binary options trading is a scam. If money lost is a lot of money to you like we lost £145,000 to IQoptions and £76,000 to Barc-de-binary and you feel you need to get it back. My advice is to seek professional legal aid immediately, so they can tell you what you can potentially do, contact the Recovery Firm on their complaints support team via RECOVERYFIRM and get your funds recovered.



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