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  • Practice hard to become consistent trader

    Winning a trade in Forex is very easy. It is really easy. Traders who are new in the market and want to see, how this market works, they place many trades on their first. The number of trades vary from 10 to 20 or sometimes they place unlimited trades in their demo accounts. They placed these trades because they want to win in the market and as Forex is about probability, it is no surprise that you will win 4 of your trades when you placed 20 trades in the market. Traders get happy and think that winning is done and they have made a profit. When calculating their trades at the end of the day, it is very common in traders that they are returning home with a negative budget in their account.

    The above example is very practical in Forex. If you ask any new traders in the market, how many trades they have placed in the market, you will find that most of them have made nearly 20 trades in the market. They have win 4 of the trades and although they have winning trades, they are always losing their money from their account. It is because Forex trading is about consistency. No traders practice in the demo accounts just to win trades, the ultimate goal of trading in the market is to win your trades and make a consistent profit in your trading account.

    Practice makes you better
    Practice is the ultimate weapon of Forex trader. The moment you have entered the market, you are a student. You need to focus on the market trends, what is going on the economic world and what is the trending strategies in the market. All these are not complete if you do not practice them. It is the classic benefit of writing than reading. If you write one sentence for 1 time, it is equal to reading 10 times. It will also stay in your mind for a long time as your hand and eye are coordinated in the writing. The professional Aussie traders always use their demo trading account Australia to develop a solid trading strategy in the market. They back test their trading system again and again until they are fully satisfied with their trading system in the market.

    Practice as a professional trader
    If you become a professional trader, you still need to practice. Famous and rich singers always practice keeping their vocals alive. If they do not practice, they will lose their charm. Your charm is your strategy to make a consistent profit. Practice in Forex to keep ahead of the other traders and to make a consistent profit. To be honest the professional traders at Saxo always assess their trading performance once in a month. They simply do the math again and again so that they can enhance their trading strategy to a great extent. Try to read as many articles as you can since it will increase your trading knowledge and give you a better idea about the market conditions.

    Control your emotions
    Most of the novice traders in the financial market loses money in trading since they trade with emotions. But in order to make consistent profit in the financial field, you need to focus on your rational logic. Never try to trade the live assets based on your emotions. As a full-time professional trader, you need to keep your emotion aside while executing the trades in the market. And always make sure to follow proper risk management plan in trading for long term success.

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    So which brokers are you suggesting for Australian, I heard a lot about highlow and they have a lot of positive reviews, are you going to choose this one if I were you?


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      It is always an option to build up an investment and it is your choice, if you want to start in Australia then I suggests that you use the highlow platform, just start an easy registration so you can get a $50 cash back once you started trading.


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        When it comes to forex/binary options the lack of a strategy is not a real problem,the challenge is finding one that is at least decent that suits you.



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