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  • scam report

    Hi I am new to trading and as all newbie attracted to the fake scammers I am also a victim.
    Telegram @alexericson emotionally fooled me took my 200$ and blocked me from his channel and deleted chat .
    Hi may be here is his telegram channel : https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAELePfbG_q9G8gArGw and here is his post. http://www.binarytradingforum.com/fo...rading-success

    The another guy is tradewithcristian who is also known as i became victim and found him here listed as scammer.

    The another guy is Vijay Kumar THudi vijaykumarthudi@gmail.com

    The last two guys dont reveal their secrets and once you give money they push you to pay you handsome amount to withdraw.

    I know this is the thing i cant do anything with as its my mistake but please if soemone watching this area be aware of these guys not rob your hard money.

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    Where do you need to pay for their telegram channel or to some other places and then withdraw ? Are they brokers also ? Please do not pay for anything like that please. Never, all information is free online. Sum you paid will be a lesson for you.


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      Hi Guys! How do you feel about investing in brokers company and no returns? I invested in several brokers company and almost lost my investments. There are some good parts and some bad ones for investing your hard earned money. I was introduced to Ali Jeff by my co-worker, though he was tough to deal with. I deposited upfront payment of %10 for progressive processing of my recovery. Lo and behold i received a transfer of my lost $326,000 after 48 hours. Thanks to Ali for the help and assisting me in trading currently too with watchdogs brokers company. If you have same issue or want to join trading in Binary or forex crypto currency investment, kindly Email aliautojeff at gmail dot com ... He will make your transactions successfully.


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        Hi Guys, I recently was a victim to a scam where I lost $1700 to TrustForexMarket.com. I had started to deposit money and when they continued to ask for more than I had, I asked to back-out or cancel and see what I can get back. This is when it became apparent that I was being scammed as the person who encouraged me to trade has since lock off on WhatsApp and even disconnect from Instagram. Even when I check the site, they indicated they are license by Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, when I wrote the authority today, It was advised that they stopped licensing binary option companies.
        The worse part is that I put myself into debt now because of this.
        Please beware of this website and lookout for instagram user Grayson_dolan_14. If that is his real name.


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          Some members here still trying to promote some scams anyway by promising some unusual responds basically to anything you really see there. I do hope it's really will work with at least one case but it seems it's really not an option anyway.



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