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  • So i found a bug on this broker, here's the proof.

    Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel K.

    So let's not waste time and go straight to the facts, because we all know how many scammers there is on this binary options world right?
    I have found and abused 3 bugs on the Olymptrade plataform, lets talk about them, links will be linked below!

    Bug n.1:

    Name of the broker: Olymp Trade

    It all started at about 3 months ago, this broker had a little delay on their chart, so basically me and a few friends that used Metatrader4 were able to open the orders before a big candle explode, so you can imagine the little advantage we had, we used to operate only on news and some specific pairs (USDMXN, USDTRY, USDRUB, USDNOK) because there were a lot of big candles to take advantage off, we had little success on usual pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD).

    Here's the results/proofs : https://imgur.com/a/UW8wHZg

    The good thing about this bug, if a big candle turns you over, you still able to sell the option for a decent price.
    Unfortunely this bug is gone, Olymp implemented a tick system, so we can't open orders as fasts as it used to be, the bug is dead ladies and gentleman.

    BUT: No one can stop a true bugtrader haahah, lets talk about bug number 2 =D

    Bug n.2:

    I don't know, this broker is so stupid it hurts. So i wake up with a message of one of my friends, telling me to rush to my account and trade the USDMXN, so i did. See, usually if you sell a option, you will never be able to gain you full payout, usually 80% on olymp trade for non-vip accounts. But this day it WAS, wtf? Yes and not only that, the chart was ping-pong mode, check these images and you will understand hahah

    Here's the results/proofs : https://imgur.com/a/jcIeVYL

    Sadly this one lasted not even 1 day.
    But yeah, we made a lot of money doing this. Do i feel bad about it? Hell no, these brokers earn billions on our backs selling dreams, so i dont really give a s.

    Bug n.3:

    I am pitching here, you can run if you want.

    So we after all this party we thought it was over, we went back to Iq Option to trade like normal human beings, we are decent traders afterall, we don't double our accounts everyday, but we are able to make our daily 3% with not much trouble, and at this point we had a pretty decent size account, so, why not?

    But again, like 1 week after OlympTrade changes their plataform we found another bug, i think at this point we can called it BugTrade, i will post one photo of tests i did on this bug, doesn't work if you put $1000 dolars per trade, afterall OlympTrade is famous for manipulating big orders, and thats why in this one i went pretty conservative, but very profitable nonetheless, about 12 trades in a couple minutes, shit's CRAZY good.

    Photo of the results: https://imgur.com/HYTrLnC

    Like i said this is a pitch, you don't have to buy if you don't want, and for the admins i will give a discount if you want to make sure this isn't a scam, i mean, thats the only reason i made sure to attach this amount of images afterall. The bug still working btw.

    The price for this bug is $240, my email is down below if you want more information. Hope this posts help you guys to become more aware of this bugs, they are not very hard to find if you know what you are looking for.

    My email: th_af@outlook.com

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    Thank you much Mr. Gabriel for sharing this article with us. This can help the new and old traders to stay away from such brokers so that they dont have to bear any kind of loss. Everyone should be looking forward to write articles like this one so that it becomes impossible to scam people.


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      Thank you for sharing this. We have to study and research about brokers. Also we can share this in our community! That the good way to help community growth.


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        I think technical errors are associated with the technical platforms and we must have to give some room for the improvement to our brokers. Technical problems are faced by some reputed brokers as well and it does not suggest their credibility. Credibility is linked with teh functionality and service. Thanks


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          I don't know do you really want Olymp Trade to be aware of all that or something else really, not so sure in certain. How can you go with that ? From what I heard Olymp Trade is pretty good, is it something bad with them or not ? You can e-mail them to be paid.



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